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Nueva versión de Mikrotik RouterOS 6.4 Liberada

 September 12, 2013

By  Carlos Lopez


Nueva version de Mikrotik RouterOS 6.4: http://www.mikrotik.com/download

 What’s new in 6.4 (2013-Sep-12 13:52):

 *) wireless – improved 802.11n wireless retransmission (doesn’t effect nstreme/nv2)

*) ovpn – allow to specify server via dns name;

*) winbox – fixed problem where ipv6 routes with non local link address gateway could not be added;

*) fixed watchdog on mipsle boards;

*) traceroute – added count & max-hops parameters;

*) traceroute – added back use-dns parameter;

*) fixed usb Yota LTE modem hangup;

*) console – make newly added item names always immediately available;

*) graphing – make sure that interface graphs gets preserved across reboots;


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Carlos Lopez

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