May 16

Version Mikrotik RouterOS v6.13 Liberada


Ya se ha publicado la  nueva Version Mikrotik RouterOS v6.13 Liberada

Que hay de nuevo en la 6.13:

  • console – comments are now accepted where new command can start, that is, where ‘/’ or ‘:’ characters can be used to start new command, e.g.

                /interface { # comment until the end of the line



  • backup – backups by default are encrypted now (with user password). To use backup on older versions, you should disable encryption with dont-encrypt flag when creating it.
  • files with ‘.sensitive.’ in the filename require ‘sensitive’ permission to manipulate
  • lcd – reduce CPU usage when displaying static screens
  • l2tp – fixed occasional server lockup
  • pptp – fixed memory leak
  • sstp – fixed crashes

Solo hay que hace clic en “Check for updates” en QuickSet, Webfig o Winbox packages menu. Si aun esta usando la version 5 o anterior, descargue la version mas reciente del paquete NPK, subalo a su routerboard, y recinicie:


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