Nueva version de RouterOs de Mikrotik lieberada

Version Mikrotik RouterOS v6.12 Liberada

Ya se ha publicado la  nueva Version Mikrotik RouterOS v6.12

Ha arreglos en el Winbox y mejoras en la estabilidad.

Version Mikrotik RouterOS v6.12 Liberada el 2014-Apr-07 09:04:

  • ipsec – support IPv4 over IPv6 and vice versa
  • pppoe – report correctly number of active links
  • updated timezone information
  • many fixes for CRS managed switch functionality –particularly improved VLAN support, port isolation, defaults
  • www – added support for HTTP byte ranges
  • l2tp – fixed ~no buffer space available~ problem
  • added trunk support for CRS switches
  • added policing support for CRS switches
  • lte – provide signal strength using snmp and make ‘info once’ work in console

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Version RouterOS v6.5 Liberada

Version RouterOS v6.5 Liberada:

Que hay de nuevo en la versión 6.5 (2013-Oct-16 15:32):

  • tftp – added data packet pipelining for read requests
  • console – exported physical interface configuration uses ‘default-name’
  • instead of item number to match relevant interface
  • console – report all constituent errors for parameters with multiple alternative value types
  • certificates – merge ‘/certificate ca’ into ‘/certificate’, use set-ca-passphrase to maintain CA functionality
  • lcd – backlight option is replaced with “/lcd backlight” command
  • dhcp server – added option to disable conflict-detection
  • console – ‘:return’ does not trigger ‘on-error=’ action of ‘:do’ command
  • route – fixed crash that could be triggered by change in nexthop address resolution
  • route – some imported VPNv4 routes were not using MPLS labels
  • route – imported VPNv4 routes were not always updated or removed when the original route changed
  • winbox – fixed problem where all settings were read only on first open
  • ovpn server – use only ciphers that are allowed not that client requested
  • ssh client – fixed public key authentication
  • ipsec – fix peer mathing with non byte aligned masks
  • fix routerboot upgrading if RouterOS is partitioned
  • add support for second serial port on CCR boards
  • fix serial port baudrate selection on CCR boards
  • ethernet interface stats that are behind switch chip show real hw stats instead of just the traffic that goes through cpu
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